The Baum Squad Holiday Bash 2018!

It is hard to believe it is holiday time already, but everyone is getting in the full swing of celebrating! The Baum Squad stepped away from creating beautiful smiles to celebrate a year well done, as a team. We always enjoy spending time together, especially at the annual Baum Orthodontics Tustin holiday party. Dr. Baum treated everyone to gifts, fun, and food. The team had their secret Santa exchange, and shared many laughs, as shown in many of the pics shared here with you all. яндекс

We hope everyone enjoys the many holiday events, whether home with family, or friends. Here are a few party tips to help keep your teeth healthy during this sugary season:

  1. Say Cheese! There is usually always a cheese tray at every party. Cheese actually helps neutralize the pH level in your mouth, especially if you are having acidic drinks, or other foods that contain a lot of sugar. Cheese is also soft, and won’t break a wire or bracket.
  2. Drink clear or light colored beverages. For adults, white wine can be a better choice than red wine, due to staining of the teeth. Also make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  3. Soft foods. Foods such as mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables are great accompaniments for your holiday meal, and are very brace-friendly!
  4. Avoid sticky, or hard and crunchy Foods. Anything sticky can cause damage to your braces. Avoid sticky treats such as caramels and other chewy sweets. Also avoid the harder breads or even hard vegetables, if you are wearing braces.
  5. Sugary foods in moderation. We know it can seem unavoidable this time of year, but try to avoid too many sweets, or drinking sodas, especially between meals. Any food or drink containing sugar should be consumed within a 20 minute window. Sipping on sugary drinks or snacking on candies or other sugary goods will cause a more acidic environment where those cavity causing bacteria will flourish.
  6. Schedule your post-holiday check up. The remaining part of the year will fly by, so make sure you schedule your next check up and cleaning with your general dentist. Our team at Baum Orthodontics will see you at your next orthodontic appointment. Hopefully everyone follows these tips above, and you won’t have any broken brackets or wires after the holiday!

If you have remaining insurance benefits for your general dental care remaining, or FSA: You and your family need to use those benefits this year, as they do not carry over to the next year for general dental care. Although Orthodontic specialty benefits are different than your regular dental benefits, if you have an FSA, and have questions how you need to utilize those before the end of the year, please contact our office.

Have a Baum-tastic New Year!

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