Are Braces Covered by Health Insurance?

This is a very common question! At Baum Orthodontics, your questions regarding financing options, dental and health insurance for your braces and clear aligners treatment are so important to us. We know how confusing and frustrating this process can be, which is why we have an exceptional Tustin, CA Orthodontist & team full of experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.

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Does my dental insurance include braces?

If you have insurance, but you’re unsure if your plan provides additional coverage for orthodontic treatment, well help you get the answers. When you schedule your complimentary consultation, one of our #BaumSquad team members will be more than happy to investigate your options for you, as well as file all of your claims as soon as you start treatment.

If you have insurance, and you already know that it includes orthodontic treatment, we ask that you save time by filling out our insurance questionnaire.

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Can I finance orthodontic treatment?

Wondering about what financing options are available to you at Baum Orthodontics? You can visit our website at www.baumortho.com, go to the “New Patients” tab, and click on “Financing and Insurance”, or, you can just keep reading!

At Baum Orthodontics, we make it our mission to provide unmatched, quality treatment that suits your budget. And we ensure that you have all of the options you need for payment processing. We accept all major credit cards as well as payments with cash or check. In an effort to ensure you don’t break the bank for your treatment, we also provide 100% interest-free financing options. We also have low monthly payment options available to you as well.


Are there any discounts available for orthodontic treatment?

Wondering if we provide any discounts for treatment? Yes, we sure do! If you are able to pay the full balance at the start of your treatment, you will receive a discount on the total balance. And, if you have more than one family member starting treatment, or in treatment with Baum Orthodontics, we provide additional family discounts as well. There are also additional considerations that can be made for you and your family seeking to start treatment with us to help make the cost of braces or Invisalign more affordable. The details of which can be discussed at length with one of our Treatment Coordinators during your complimentary consultation!

At Baum Orthodontics, we do not believe in hidden costs or expenses. We ensure you have all of the important financial information before you begin treatment so that you can focus on your beautiful smile!

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