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CompanyCam is a fun, fast-paced team united by our core values of Show Up, Grow Up and Do Good. We trust you to do what’s best for our product, customers, and team members and empower you to make the right calls without heavy bureaucracy. remote executive jobs But don’t let the chill throw you off; we’re a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future. ● You can provide examples of how you have truly empowered others to take responsibility for their roles.

remote executive jobs

Boxaroo has offices and warehouses in Singapore and Spain, and has plans to open more globally. We want to be the world’s largest swag company, and we aren’t stopping until we get there. As the name implies, chief growth officers are in charge of managing a company’s growth through a combination of marketing, sales, and product development tasks. Ready to skip the commute and explore remote executive jobs? Take a look at this list of 20 leadership jobs commonly found in the FlexJobs database.


We protect our designers’ time, treat them like adults, and trust them to get their work done. Put in your eight hours of focused, quality work and then TURN. Kontist is a Berlin, Germany-based fintech and taxtech for freelancers with about 150 employees. We are part of the bigger Ageras platform, a leading banking, accounting, and admin software provider for small businesses across Europe and the US.

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  • Reporting to the CEO of College Spring, the Head of Finance and Operations will direct finance and accounting operations, including planning and implementing annual budgets.
  • You will set goals on the horizon, working with departments to achieve milestones, and making sure that the company stays ahead are your priorities, all while avoiding micromanagement.
  • And a June 2020 survey of hiring managers found that the expected growth rate of full-time remote work over the next five years has more than doubled—from 30% to 65%.
  • The Medical Director will also help create and refine policies, procedures, and mentoring and training programs, and will peer-review patient charts.

Develops and manages pre-trial and post-conviction client placement as an alternative to incarceration. Compiles and maintains digests and indexes of substantive information on statutes, treaties, regulations and related subject matter. Analyzes legal decisions, opinions, rulings, memoranda and related legal materials and prepares digests and indexes of same. Compiles and summarizes substantive information on statutes, treaties and specific legal subjects.

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The general counsel is the go-to person for all legal matters within a company. This role involves providing legal advice, ensuring the organization is compliant with all regulations, and managing legal risks. Strong knowledge of the business law landscape and excellent communication skills are prerequisites for this role. To get you started in your job hunt for a remote executive job, FlexJobs has identified 20 C-suite and upper management jobs that can be performed remotely. Explore C-suite, executive, and director-level remote jobs, and find your next career move.

Analyzes the potential impact of new legislation, policies and regulations on the defender organization. Recommends short and long range plans to ensure efficient operations. Prioritizes issues, analyzes difficulties of the case and prepares responses to possible panel questions. Continues development of strong https://remotemode.net/ written and verbal communication skills to enhance professional documentation and interpersonal interaction. We will review your resume and supporting documentation and compare this information to your responses on the occupational questionnaire to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for this job.

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As a remote company with diverse global entities handling various functions of our ecosystem, you will guide departments and further structure the company into the right direction. You’ll drive our mindset, processes, and systems, ensuring continuous evolution. You will set goals on the horizon, working with departments to achieve milestones, and making sure that the company stays ahead are your priorities, all while avoiding micromanagement. Looking for a canidate that is extremely qualified for this position.

  • In this role, you’ll be the bridge between the CEO and other departments, tasked with overseeing strategic initiatives.
  • Check out all of our remote job listings and connect with a remote job today.
  • In this role, you’ll guide creative teams in producing visual content that resonates with audiences.
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